Discover and Lead with your inner Purpose

Kwazulu Natal province
South Africa

Part of the Danish Henley MBA program.

Børsen skrev:
Studietur til Sydafrika var en livsændrende oplevelse.

Børsen skrev:
Ledere kastet for løverne i Afrika

This is a journey within and without. We aim to remove you completely from the demands of your daily life as a manager, and guide you through a completely different environment – in the dramatic urban, rural and wilderness areas of the Kwazulu Natal province of South Africa. One of the most culturally and biologically diverse areas on Earth and the cradle of Humankind. With the help of our skilled facilitators, experts and co-travellers, the outer journey becomes an inner journey to your purpose to lead.

The Personal Leadership Journey is a part of the personal development program on the Henley Executive MBA. You get:

  • Have first hand experience of the role a manager’s own personal character, purpose and commitment plays in leadership.
  • Know that to ‘level up’ your leadership, it is no longer a new tool that you need, but a deeper look into the essential ‘tool’ of leadership: Your personality and what drives you.
  • Be willing to share your personal journey as a leader with the group.
  • Be ready for a demanding journey that requires complete focus and engagement.

The Henley Executive MBA will give you a:

  • Clarity and insight into your ‘why’ as a human being and a leader
  • Knowledge of what to do, when you don’t know what to do
  • Deeper understanding of yourself as a person and how you come across to others
  • Stronger impact in doing what aligns with your inner purpose
  • Close connection with the other experienced participants

This is not a class at school. Your outcome is proportionate to what you put in and allow yourself to receive.


  • Beginning the journey Copenhagen to Durban
  • Introduction, getting familiar with the program, facilitator, challenges and each other
  • Establishing ground rules
  • Linking the program with own themes
  • Travel to South Africa from Copenhagen Airport

DAY 2-3

  • On foot in the black and indian urban and rural townships of Ethekwini, South Africa
  • Explore the cultural diversity of the people, culture and land outside your comfort zone
  • Reflect with and challenge yourself and fellow students on your approach to leadership
  • Witness strong contrasts and the presence and absence of leadership
  • Discover own barriers and obstacles to leadership

DAY 4-7

  • On foot in the wild South African bush and savannah
  • Get close to and explore the wildlife
  • Explore the delicate balance of nature and experience leadership at all levels
  • Connecting and being vulnerable as a leader and follower
  • Reflect on and realise who you are as leader today and in the future


  • Follow-up and application in daily life Copenhagen
  • Have you practiced what you have preached?
  • Transferring the lessons of the journey into daily life
  • Continuous work with your key take-aways
  • Supporting and reinforcing each other in our onward journey

Hear it from our students


The learning and development of leadership is approached in a totally different manner compared to your ‘normal’ leadership course:

  • Travel across diverse social systems and environments and experience first hand the complexities of both the changing world and the complex systems at play.
  • Strive to understand both the diverse context and your own reactions in order to assess your own mindset and behaviour.
  • Challenge your everyday norms and leadership perspectives.
  • Receive direct feedback from your team members and experienced facilitators that constantly challenge and augment your process.
  • Immerse yourself culturally, interact intensely, engage in extensive debates, in situ case studies and assignments and face the sharp contrast with the stillness, serenity and balance of the African wilderness.


The participants spend the week’s journey in unusual and foreign situations and circumstances. For many this challenge their comfort zone and appears unsafe. Every precaution is however taken to ensure your safety. Your are fully briefed on what to do before each activity. In the urban and wilderness environments you are supported by trusted local guides and game rangers.

The Team & participants

The Personal Leadership Journey is facilitated by a diverse team of Danish and South African experts in leadership – both business, urban and the wild. All skilled instructors with 15-25 years experience in working with leadership and change in large organizations and senior management teams.

Lars Hoffmann leads the journey out of Copenhagen and back. He is a psychologist that enjoys using dialogue, reflection, games and exercises to get management teams and individuals to move, both in their work and personal development.

Fonden for International Management Education (IME) is a Danish non-for-profit educational fund founded in 1994. Based in Copenhagen IME offers the international executive MBA degree from Henley Business School as well as an IME Mini-MBA certificate and executive courses.